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Hi Diversified, :welcome: to the 420Magazine forums.
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Everyone loves to see pictures. :ganjamon:
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:ciao: Hello Diversified :welcome: and to 420.
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Outdoor Growing - 420 Magazine

I would love to gave it a go outdoors, You see some Monsters here around the Forums of outdoor beauties. :yummy:
:hmmmm: Well .... Like This, :27: :headbang:
Dirtfamers Backyard Giants

If you have anything you have a question about here on 420 please ask.
Hope to hear more about your outdoor Adventure.
Will be lookin' for you in the Forum Friend. :peace:
Happy Growin"
Wassup Diversified?:welcome:to 420Mag we are here to spread Cannabis knowledge and information worldwide! Do you grow? What are your favorite memories using MMJ? If we can be of any assistance please ask.
Hope the weather stays calm I heard the winds are wreeking havoc on many outdoor grows.
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UH OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made a boo boo today! I grabbed the chainsaw and weed whacker and headed out into the woods to trim the trees, brush and weeds around my plants. I whacked one of my little girls down!!! While trimming the weeds, I got too close to one of the plants and whoosh!!! It was about 2 feet tall. I brought it in the house to see if I can get it to root.