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New here - Just finished my medicine cabinet


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Hello, I just signed up here. I have been using cannabis to treat Crohn's disease for the past three years or so. It has changed my life or should I say it has allowed me to have one. I have had crohn's for thirty seven years and all but the last three were almost unlivable for me. I eventually was so sick that I had to stop working and go on social security disability about twelve years ago. I was thinking often of not wanting to live anymore because I was so sick all of the time. I rarely left my house. I decided to try cannabis as a last resort and it was an immediate miracle and I mean that 100%. I had taken every drug for crohn's and they all eventually made me sicker. I can leave my house now without having a panic attack keeping track of the closest bathroom. I haven't had any more surgery or even been in the hospital since I started using this awesome medicine plant.

I live in a backwards state where the government hasn't figured out that cannabis is not only a miracle medically, but it is also much safer than any other drug. I have been lucky to meet some NORML people locally that have helped me get my medicine.

I have read about the different strains that can help with different medical conditions. That made me take a chance at growing my own strains to try. I am convinced that there are strains that may help with the crohn's even more than what I have tried. I just finished building my stealth grow cabinet a couple weeks ago and have 6 baby girls in there now. I am using hydro for the first time and could use some help from people that know what they are doing and have experience at growing. I bought an e-book called "growing elite marijuana" and have read it several times. It helped me a lot so far. I got 20 fem seeds and germinated 3 northern light and three bubblicious. All 6 seedlings are looking healthy to me and I am excited. I was nervous starting out with hydro but feel more mellow about it now that I havent killed anything so far.

I guess I can't post any pics yet because I am new. I will try to figure out how and post pics of my homade cabinet.


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Hi noob2112 and welcome to :420: :welcome:

From your sig I am guessing you are a Rush fan....It's great to hear yet another success story about this wonderful medicine. I grew some NL earlier this year and it is a nice easy strain to grow.

To help you out with pictures as well as other stuff that will make the site easier to use I suggest you check out the
New Member Start Links thread. Then if you have any questions you can also try the FAQs forum.

Great to have you here, have a great green weekend!



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Hey there, welcome aboard!

Since you are using cannabis as medicine, I want you to know that producing top shelf all natural organic meds is a real possibility!


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Thank you, and yes I am a big Rush fan. Probably gives away my age. Thanks for the links to info on gallery and how to post photographs.


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Welcome to :420:. Very inspiring story and I wish you all the best.

The best way to get grow help from the pros is to create a grow journal and follow some of the other grows going on. After you create a journal, go to settings and put the link to your journal in your signature. I grow hydro also and look forward to seeing your work. Click below to see my grow and look at some of the advice I've been given
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