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New here not sure what to do!

Seeds To Bud

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Can someone help me because i have no idea how to start a grow journal or anything. I am on here to show people my grows and to experiment with different feeds so people can see the difference in feeds and to do my best to help others where I can as well as tell people in my own experience what i would recommend feed wise :)

The General

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Hi Seeds To Bud,

Welcome to the number one site for promoting cannabis awareness to end cannabis prohibition :420: :welcome:

There are many aspects to the benefits of cannabis and the information on our forums touches all of them. To get a better idea of what's available you may want to look at New Member Start Links which also has tips on how to use certain features like the photo gallery.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask in FAQs.



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Hi Seeds! Like the General says, we're here to help. If you want to jump right in with the journal you should head to Journals in Progress That's where you will start a new thread with your journal name. Definitely read the sticky at the top because it will give you an idea how to start it so it has all the info people will want to know. Also, you'll probably want to put a link to the journal in your signature. You can do that through the Settings menu.



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Welcome to the forum. You sound pretty ambitious. Do you plan on growing in organic soil,soiless or hydroponic?
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