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new in nc


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Hi everybody I'm new to the boards. I live in Lenoir NC and haven't met ANYBODY! I can find dirt weed but no good stuff. Alas, I shall find the real deal in this little mountain town.


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Welcome to the board, MistaSippi! Beautiful things grow in the NC mountains :) You'll find it soon.


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Welcome to the 420 Family...hope you find a source soon...I'll vape some
dank bud and send the happy feelings your way.:smoke2:


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Welcome guys,

I live in SC not far from Lenior and I know there is a LOT more things growing in the NC mountains than just trees!!

Big dog

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I used to have a girlfriend in Lenoir many years ago. She was one of the most interesting and vital women I ever met. Smart as hell. I visited Lenoir many times. It's a beautiful place. She used to find lots of things growing in those mountains. I'm sure you will too. Good luck!
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