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Ok guys! I am going to be growing in a 6x8' room. im going to be using a mixture of lights...i have some flouro's i have some flouro grow lights with the blue tint, and some of those new spiral tube lights for a lamp...they are very bright but i just want multiple spectrums going at once....

me a buddy, and a old hippie lady that im a friend with are going to be growing in her basement...i would like some step by step pointers to get this thing on the road! i am experimenting with some nug seeds that ive found in my sacks....ive found about 6-7 of them in the past year...no idea what strains they are...but thier mothers were pretty delicious!

Boss/Moose i would like to hear your imput on this:adore:...can u give me a decently priced list of materials...lighting/nute schedules would be nice too...im just trying to at least finish this grow! the hippie lady has exp. in growing also...but u know the hippie ways lol...

...and again i say HELP!!!!


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I don't understand the question. YOu want me to research everything for you and list the costs? That's just not gonna happen :)

If you have questions about what, where, how.. We are glad to help :)

I suggest checking out the overgrow faqs and get an idea of what you wanna do and then ask specific questions.


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I suggest looking at the "Grow Journals" section where you will find details about how other people have grown and usually it's from start to finish. When all else fails, use the search function. Search words like "germinate" and "seedlings" should get you started.:peace:
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