New indoor grown, help please


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Hi, i haven't begun growing yet, but i will be growing in my room, with soil. What kind of light do i need? and do i need to grow it in a dark box or cabinet since it is indoors?

thanks for all and any help.


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Cfls, MH, HPS.. are the light you can for you my friend if your asking questions about lights i suggest you do some research before attempting a grow...if you choose cfls, use daylight for vegging and soft white for will get the best results vegging with a metal halide and flowering with a hps but i dont believe you have enough experience for that yet

good luck


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stoner is right, you really should do alotta research before u start growing... there are alot things that you need to consider besides lighting. its better to do some reading up... this site has all the info you will need. you dont want to just jump into this, its alot better to kno what your doing and be organized instead of just throwing a seed into soil. believe me your plants will be happier and so will you.


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of course its all about the experience... however, having been thrown into growing myself with out any knowledge of it, it is alot easier for me now that i kno what im doing. i dont kno everything there is to kno, but im prepared.


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hi maniac!

im assuming you have a pretty private residence since your asking if it HAS to be in a cabinet.
no it doesnt... you can get it started anywhere you can hang that light. when it needs its dark cycle to form bud you will have to arrange a light-proof place then...

go get a good light.
would suggest starting with a 600 watt High Pressure Sodium aand get an Air Cooled Hood with the needed ducting and fan to blow the air thru it.

i tried to go cheap with a couple 250 watt which i now hardly use except for seedlings. (waste of money)

once you have your light situated, get those seeds germinating as fast as possible. in fact do it now before you have one even... ill tell you why. waiting suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. and thats a lot of what you'll be doing waiting and waiting and waiting.
try to cut as many days off the waiting part as possible.
maybe it doesnt sound too bad but when your plants are just sitting there in front of you it can be maddening. :D
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