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New - Just At 50 - Member Saying Hello!


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I’m a 50 year old stay-at-home dad. I picked up cannabis after a 30-year hiatus when my wife was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer 2 years ago. She had almost no experience with the herb, so I learned as much as I could about the medical use of cannabis and screened various strains and products for her. During which time I began to find and use cannabis products for my own chronic issues (largely nerve pain in neck and GERD).

Anyway, as a stay-at-home parent of a toddler I don’t really have enough time for a part-time job yet. Yet, I have no “career” to go back to. With legalization in California and the city I live in opening it’s doors to large indoor growers, I’m thinking of trying to get into the industry when time frees up for me.

Over the years I’ve had multiple vegetable gardens and I’ve always loved planting and taking care of plants and seem to do pretty good at it too. So growing cannabis seems like a very good fit for me. We’ll see...

See you in the forums!

P.s. I’ll be starting my first grow in a couple of weeks. Of course, being 50, I have a bit more resources than when I was 20 so I’ve been able to put together what should be a decent enough setup: Gorrilla 4x4 Shorty grow tent, 600W G8 LED and two 90W G8 red LEDs, 4” 150CFM inline fan, 10” passive intake, and I’ll be using soil in 3 gallon cloth pots. Northern Lights (from seed) will be the strain.

Ian Bastage

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Welcome Nyetah

Good luck with your grow. make sure you do a journal for us to tag along.

Ian :Namaste:
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