New laws and regulations around the corner for Colorado MMD MMJ Industry


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Hi All,

I think 2010 will be an pivotal year for regulation on the MMD and MMJ industry for Colorado. In my opinion, I think if you are considering becoming a caregiver or cardholder you might start the process now in order to be grandfathered in prior to any new regulations. Apparently, Colorado has some of the most liberal laws and regulation of any other state. I think that is a reason why many people are coming to Colorado to establish themselves in this rapidly growing industry.

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i agree but we need this not only for the economy (witch the banks got bailed out )and who are not accepting the money this industry incures ..they take money from liqour store owners pawn shops and the no pro qoue companies ,they say its illegal at a federal leval and this is true they also told the law enforments or the system not to pursue and convict med point is WE need meds and everyone wants the control
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