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New LED Lighting


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Hi Guys

Firstly Im new here so Hi to all fellow growers

Ok I have recently changed all my lighting to the new specific wavelength Chinese LED things. The lights are made up of blue and red LEDs. where I had a 400W sox (sodium) light I have replaced witha 300W Led light.

My problem is two fold.

1) Plants seem to be taking longer to flower (could be not enough light)

2) I am now getting a crisping of some of the plant leaves and a high amount of the lower shading leaves are withering die and falling off.

I grow my plants in Compost and use carbonated water & Bio bloom fertilizer with every feed ( well nearly every feed, 1 in 5 I use pure water to flush the bags)

I have intake and extract fans and insect killers and fly traps as well ashanging baskets with slow release Co2.

Talking of Insects I have now got a real problem with Black fly.

Are any other growers using these lights and are having similar problems



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Hi KittK and welcome to the number one internet resource for promoting cannabis awareness :420: :welcome:

Can you post some pics? I switched to LED's a while ago and I have seem some similar issues to what your are describing but I'd like to get a look before making any comments or offering any suggestions.



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I will take some tomor

I have lost what were or looked to be perfectly good plants for no apparent reason


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further to my post ,,,

Ok news for LED growers ,,, when using LED i found out after research and trial and error , couple of things

1) you need to have a min of 50% extra lighting to what you previously had
2) allow and extra 30-40 % grow time
3) use top grade feeed,,, I have changed onto chempack number 3
4) dont be alarmed at the loss of shading fan leaves ,,, i think this is due to the wavelength of the LEDs not doing a great job at penetrating the canopy of your plants
5) the black fly is due to the above wavelength suiting them better than any other pest ,, spray more regularly and concentrate on growing medium
6) last one :) dont buy cheap LEDs buy from suppliers than can supply references to other growers.

Hope this helps



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sorry forgot ,, to overcome the extended grow time I now have my crop on 24hr cycle and feed accordingly ( once a week feeders do it twice )


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LOL. :)

I saw some calmag issues but those are easily fixed.

Hi buddy

dunno if it helps ,,, but i have three rooms ,, one is a grow room where i have 5 x 50w LED on my seedlings and small plants ,,, this is topped up with a 75w metal halide

in budd room 1 (2mx1.5mx2m) I have two 450w fan cooled LED lights ( did have four 400w sox)
in room 2 which is 3m x 3m x2m ) i now have 5 x 450w Led and 4 x 120W LED in a cross pattern with the 120w at the corners

I have now got two hanging CO2 supplies in each room using slow release co2 tablets and carbonated water to initiate the tablets ,,, all rooms have insect killer units and intake & extract fans.

4 weeks overdue Im getting a bud ,,,,unusually the smell is less and it seems to be takingits time forming the crown(king) bud

i think more trial and error is required

Im using white skunk and Blue cheese strains now to see what occurs


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what brand of lights are you using? how far above the canopy are they hanging? this is very important! if your lights are too close it can cause the taco effect (leaves curling up along the edges and yellowing/drying out). I have been growing with led's for three years and have had many different brands of lights (mostly Chinese) many different wattages, from 90 to 1200w. I grow in 2-3x3 ft and 1-2x4 flowering tents, with 1-2x4 veg tent and 1-2x4 mother closet. the mother closet and the veg tent both have 450w of lights and the flower thebt have 1000w-1200w lights. the real thing about led lights is the color spectrum they have. you need some far red 730nm and some uvb 380-410nm for flowering. try to buy full spectrum or at least 10 bands or more of spectrum. the best are TRUE full spectrum of which there are only 2 companies that produce those. SUPER GROW LED or SPECTRUM KING.COM. each are very expensive but superior for growing mj than the 10-12 band lights. as far as my experience with them go I have been getting 10-12oz per flowering tent of dried product each month on a perpetual harvest type of grow. same as I did under hps/mh lights for about 1/3 the electric bill. good luck~~
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