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New light cycle


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I hate to tell you all this but a 12 on and 6 off will give you the same exact flowering results as a 18 on and 6 off schedual will no matter what anyone else trys to say. When the lights go off the flowering hormone flurol starts to flow. Darkness does determine flowering. Without the dark there is no flowering hormone. 6 hours is too restrictive. Restrict the amount of time that this hormone flows and you restrict the ability for the plant to flower. A 12/6 schedual "CANNOT" allow a plant to flower unless it's a autoflowering strain which flowers according to age and not light cycle. Anyone don't believe me, ask the experts out there. Try Rosenthal or Cervantes or any one else. you will get the same answer I just supplied.
And guerilla growing is the practice of growing outside in scattered patches. uusally on someone elses or government land. I've been growing for over 20 years, make a practice of reading and trying everything I can on new techniques and can say with certainty...try what these guys are saying and learn the truth yourselves. No normal genetics will flower with 6 hours of darkness after 12 hours of light and autoflowering genetics are not the way to go for big yields unles you like to grow a ton of plants. High plant counts are what get the you federal time instead of state time.
The only way to make me a believer is to prove me wrong and you wikll need data from independent sources for that. Let me try one of your timers with "MY" genetics which I know are stable and let's see how true your words are.
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For some. For others, that maybe don't like dealing with the hassle & possible different phenotypes/statures of plants grown from seed, and the small amounts coming from each plant requiring numbers of plants that get into the federal mandatory sentencing statutes...

I used to have a newspaper clipping about a guy that I went to high school with that had grown one plant in a scrog setup that had given him 392 grams the previous grow. He also had one clone. Two plants (he would harvest the plant, grow out the clone and take a cutting during veg). He got busted because he was too stupid to pay his child support and his ex- turned him in. He got... probation.

So he made peace with the ex-, caught up on child support, and went right back to gardening lol (he did refrain from smoking for the period of his probation).

He did have to replace his equipment (a big light, nutrients, one large rubbermaid tote, and a $20 aquarium pump). Oh and some chicken wire. His meters were not in his GR and they missed them.

His lawyer portrayed him more-or-less as an idiot who was trying to grow for personal use that had gotten everything wrong (I can see it now, "...As evidenced, Your Honor, by the fact that the ONE plant completely took over his closet so that he wasn't even ABLE to plant the other tiny plant he had been wanting to put in there.":ganjamon:)

So... Every person's situation is different. AF may well be the best for you and for a lot of other people but certainly not for everyone.

And if you were talking about AF plants, why not just go with 20/4 or even 24/0? I don't know that they'd finish any faster but they'd finish larger.

I agree everyone has their different methods of growing but if its not for us then why go through the hassle, nice story by the way. Racefan i give you +reps for stating the facts and backing them up.


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Humm, I doubt it makes much difference.


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lmao wow yeah i havent heard of a plant going into flowering stage in less than 10 hrs of light. Not only that, but if the ladies do go, wont fucking with the lights make them go hermi.
And i think that if your going have a plant on for 6 hrs then off for 6 hrs twice a day.... Why not make it on for 12 and off for 12. Like how its been done for more than just the last few years.... Only its in interupted by total darkness and risking going hermi.
If ya can get it to work, autoflower or not, then props but im a see it to believe it kind of man.... Post some pics with dates n start a journal. Show me something new.


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I have heard of something like this but it was a 12 hour dark period and 6 hours of light. So theres enough darkness for the plant to flower and 18 hours to a day. So there would be 9 days to a week but I can't see how yeild wouldn't be effected. A strain that flowers for 90 days gets 1080 hours of light for 12on 12off. For the 12 off and 6 on it would only get 540 hours of light. So the plants might mature faster but how could yeild not be effected. Sorry a little late to this one but it peaked my interest.


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i have also heard about the 6 on 12 off never tried it though but most plants need the 12 off for flowering if u do try this u miight want to work your way down to 6 hours of light


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this sounds as ridiculous as the story of some jewish carpenter whose mother was a virgin and came back to life today AFTER crucification,stabbings and whatver else those swindlers thought of to get peoples money..... I call bullshit and have never seen this guy's timer offered by any legitimate grow shop. I love it when people try and start a bullshit urban legend. Oh yeah:



Just because you live in SoCal does not mean you know or associate with growers who grow the kill. I live in Illinois and know people who ship herb to YOU in Cali. Good herb is good herb and bad karma is bad karma....this thread has bad ju-ju written all over it:yikes:


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and buLlEtS aRe BuLLeTs aNd BuNnIeS aRe BunnIeZ...I gRow My OwN..You MigHt "ShIp" to OTHER peOpLe iN cALi..buT nOt mE, i DonT knOw yOu...AnD beCaUsE yOur PaRt of NorMal doN't MeAn sHit FoR yOu EithEr...aReNt wE A LitTle ofF toPic?


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if you dont wanna go so drastic u could try 8on 12 off should still knock a week and 1/2 off if it does work i never tried it myself i stick with the 12/12
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