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New Line Of Medical Marijuana Upsets People

Robert Celt

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A line of Bob Marley weed hit dispensary shelves this weekend, and Jamaicans aren't happy about it.

Marley Natural, a New York-based marijuana startup introduced a strain of medical marijuana branded after reggae icon Bob Marley. California dispensaries began stocking four strains of the bud Friday, The Verge reports.

Despite the company calling itself as a "global marijuana brand" embodying Rastafarian virtues, it's doing little to promote Jamaican culture while profiting from the stereotypes, The Verge reports.

Marley Natural's funding source — Privateer Holdings — which boasts a pirate ship logo, is also raising eyebrows.

"Given Marley's anti-capitalist, anti-establishment identity, the idea of having a company that evokes the name of centuries old pirates, and a very negative tradition of imperialist assault sends a lot of the wrong messages," Mike Alleyne, a Middle Tennessee State University professor and author of an encyclopedia on reggae told The Verge.

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