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New Medical Marijuana Gives Patients Treatment Without The Side Effects

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There's no doubt that smoking marijuana leads to a high. Even people who smoke for medical reasons get a buzz. Now, there is an option for patients who need the prescription benefits, but don't want the side effects.

After surviving two car crashes, Rahsahn Smith lives in constant pain. His partner suffers from multiple sclerosis. They say their chiropractor and cannabis are the only things that help them cope.

"Cannabis, honestly, it relieves the pain. It does. It doesn't completely take it away, but it soothes it to the point I can have a sustained life," Rahsahn Smith said.

They say the high that comes with using medical marijuana makes it tough to function.

"There are times I have things to do. And I have to decide either to deal with the pain or risk being able to accomplish what I need to get done that day," Rahsahn said.

Now patients can say goodbye to the buzz, a newly identified strain of cannabis that experts say is high in the healing compounds called CBD, but contain low levels of euphoric producing THC.

"One of the great benefits of CBD rich medicine is that we're able to deliver the medical effects of cannabis to patients without the psychoactive affects, which many patients see as undesirable side effects," medical marijuana distributor Steve DeAngelo said.

Steve DeAngelo calls the discovery a major breakthrough.

"One of the demonstrated affects of CBD in laboratory animals is that it slows, stops, or in some cases reverses the growth of cancer tumors," Steve said.

"That's like Eureka," researcher David Lampach said.

David Lampach identified the strain. While research on CBD is still limited, he says it's like striking gold.

"We thought, 'Wow here's a whole new angle on cannabis we really never knew existed.' I think there's a lot of people who need cannabis for their medical conditions and don't want to get high. And for those people, CBD is a very good thing," David said.

Rahsahn and his partner are excited to try the new strain for themselves.

"I am pretty active. I do still drive and with cannabis I'm not able to do these things but with this new product I'd be able to," Rahsahn said

Fourteen states, including Michigan, have enacted laws that make medical marijuana legal

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