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Hello everyone-
First post, but long time lurker. Relatively new medical marijuana user and first time grower. I am in week 4 of flowering my first grow after obsessing over online research and reading. Thanks to everyone for posting such helpful information. I clearly didn't pay enough attention to the germination phase, so the Critical Kush was the only survivor of the three types of seeds that I germinated. With a little more attention to detail and timing, I can definitely get better here. (As it turns out, indica dominant strains seem to work best for my condition, so the failure of my Sativa dominant strains wasn't really a bad outcome). Next batch will be focused on high CBD strains as I work on finding the perfect strain for me.

A little eye candy with my first grow...Barney's Critical Kush. I have read about different phenotypes for this strain, so I do have some concern that those leaves may be more "sativa-ish". Please pardon my ignorance as everything is new to me, but some sativa tends to enhance panic attacks for me.

Equipment: 3x3 Secret Jardin tent, 400 watt HPS for flowering 12/12, 400 watt MH for veg 24/7. Soil is a 50/50 mix of Happy Frog and Vermfire with extra Vermiculite added for drainage. I used tap water and RO water...no chloramine in my tap water, but I let the chlorine dissipate for a few hours. I kept these in veg mode for a long time (didn't keep track) as I was trying to time my flowering for when I would be home (my timer would not work with ballast....needed a new one) and I had fewer plants than planned, so I wanted to fill the space with buds. For a first grow, these Critical Kush seeds have been easy so far, and they cloned well too!! Pulled 5 clones off these plants and 4 survived and are growing well. I use Humboldt nutes (Master A&B) and now Humboldt Bloom in the flowering phase. Will likely start flushing in 2 weeks for harvest in 4. Anxiously awaiting my first sample, but going to give these babies enough time to mature and I have a microscope anxiously awaiting some nice amber triches. I have primarily watched PH, strictly watched light timing (to avoid hermies) and maintained a light feeding schedule and the plants have done the rest. Super easy as I said!!!

Thanks again for all of the help from the seasoned growers!!! I could not have gotten this far without all of the shared guidance.






My only concern - some yellow spotting with 4 weeks to go. Watching PH closely, but not going to do anything too drastic with only 4 weeks to go. I don't have all of the fancy equipment to test everything, but I am planning a full RO flush (at 7 PH) later this week to see if that helps and then adding some new nutes.



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Welcome to :420: Twalte. You have a very nice set up over there and ur ladies are looking good. In my experience the best way to get assistance on grow issues is to start a grow journal. If you're not up for it I would say visit some other journals and possible find someone growing the same strain. Again. Welcome to the wonderful world of 420Mag


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nice to meet you TW :goodjob:
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