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New Member - Hello fellow from Ontario 420 fans and growers


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Hi all,
Just saying hi, I am new to site and joined to learn some tips for growing. My husband and I are on our second crop, so far things are looking good, but, there is always room for improvement. We purchased a tent and are growing indoors. We are currently growing Tut, Colorado Cookies, Sweet Trainwreck and AK47. Most are getting close to harvest.

We took off the top cola of two plants so that the lower branches can get more light and have more time to mature. All our plants are autoflowers. I am wondering if this is something others do as well.

We are keeping a close eye on our trichs. The Sweet Trainwreck and the Tut, both did start to get some amber, I like to harvest just when the amber starts to show up. The lower branches are less mature and we are keeping a close eye on them as well.

Any advice, tips or tricks you may have regarding growing autoflowers will be very much appreciated.

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Ian Bastage

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Welcome Pandora420 :welcome:

It sounds like you are having fun. I haven't dabbled in autos yet but I have seen that some growers do top very early - at the 3rd week (?).

You should start a Grow Journal so we can follow your next grow. In the meantime, head over to our Grow Room & jump in. Lots of friendly people hanging around.

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