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New member hello to you all and urine test question


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Hey everybody,

Glad to be a part of this forum and site and wanted to introduce myself. I am a longtime user for over 25 plus years without any issues. It's medicinal and recreational use for myself. I will always stand by the herb and defend as well as Hemp and it's uses throughout history and the unjust laws. First, I did pass a random drug screen with Quick Fix synthetic urine once but was wondering if I can use this or another synthetic urine for a test that checks for blood, sugar, proteins? When I called the place, she said to drink a lot of water but it is not a drug test. I still want to play it safe. Thanks for your time and responses it's much appreciated. :13:


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:welcome: Vaporsbud! Glad you've found our forum and I'm looking forward to reading about your long time experience. It can never hurt to have another defender of our herb! :) I personally have no experience with any urine tests or synthetics.. but hang in there... I have no doubt someone will be with you shortly. lol Do you also grow your own? :peace:
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