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I'm an older man (late 50's) who has never given up the magical herb, but it is becoming harder and harder to find. I am a closet herbalist who has no fear of the test for I am self employed and lovin it. The Mrs is not privvy to my need for weed but I do pretty good in my closet.

I travel for my business and luck out now and then. Recently I was at a convention in Myrtle Beach and a cabbie hooked my up with some very nice bud. I also have a friend in Charleston SC who I can depend on for some nice concoctions from his grow room. My problem is I can't justify numerous trips to Charleston without the Mrs thinking I have a woman down there....

Anyway I am in Greenville SC for a few days now and wanted to know if anyone out there in electric wonderland had any advice for a weathered pothead in need of a ticket to buzzville. I hate to say it but it is a young mans game now....


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