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High there !!

Mooser and Lucy here as newly signed up members. Retired CAF veteran and wife of 40 years. Recently retired (again) due to severe osteoarthritis in all major joints. Always have been growing a bit, but now taking it much more serious. Will talk soon

Stinky Snid

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Hey what's up, to the both of you.. Glad you've joined us here at :420: you'll be happy you did. I look forward to many more posts and updates of your experiences. Welcome to the forums,

KIG :green_heart:cheers


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Welcome to the 420 community Moose and Lucy :35:

So nice to see a couple that grows together. My wife is slowly starting to take more interests in my grows but not as much as I wish she would, then again I do not take as much interest in her knitting and sewing as she wishes I would.

Hope all is well for you both
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