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New Mexico Legislators Urged To Update Medical Marijuana Law



New Mexico Legislators Urged To Update Medical Marijuana Law

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Health Secretary Alex Valdez said Monday that he
thinks New Mexico should repeal its medical marijuana law and replace it
with one modeled on Hawaii's new program. "It's an ineffective piece of
legislation for all intents and purposes, which should be repealed.
However, something should be put in its place to reduce the pain and
suffering that many people in this state are going through," Valdez said.

In 1978, New Mexico was one of the first states to pass a state medical
marijuana bill and more than 150 patients were accepted into a state run
program that distributed marijuana to cancer and glaucoma patients. The
legislature in 1986 stopped appropriating the $50,000 needed to run the

Department of Public Safety Secretary Nick Bakas commented in an
interview with the Alburquque Journal, " The last thing [a citizen] needs
to worry about in his cancer state is that a police officer is going to
take him to jail for marijuana. We have a full plate dealing with people
who injure...and prey on other human beings. That's who we (police) need
to concentrate on."

For more information please contact Ed McWilliams of New Mexico NORML at
(505) 275-6886 or Keith Stroup, Executive Director of NORML at (202)
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