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New Mexico Proposes Medical Marijuana Changes


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New Mexico is proposing changes to fees for medical marijuana producers in order to help fund the administration of the state's program. The New Mexico Department of Health wants to increase application fees from $100 to $1,000 and establish an annual fee equal to 7% of the grower's annual gross receipts.

What this amounts to is a tax on the non-profits (cannabis growers in NM must be not-for-profit) to the tune of 7% of gross sales. The fees would be used to make the New Mexico program self-sufficient — currently it is administered with other Health Department program funding.

The NMHD wants to regularly test growers' stocks for mold and bacteria (and other contaminants).

Another proposed change is to make the medical practitioners who prescribe marijuana to patients confidential in the state record. Many doctors have voiced concerns over conflicts with federal law and are worried about possible retaliation for their MMJ certifications for patients.

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