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New Moon Over Guawi: A High Brix Journey


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Damn Seed sale specials :yummy:

Next grow I will try the Killingfields Feminized

Advantages of Killingfields strain
The Killingfields is a sativa dominant hybrid that is capable of a huge growth spurt which means that the growth period should be kept short compared to other strains, which offers some time savings. The Killingfields is a plant that likes to be trained: for example, topping, fiming and scrogging is a good idea when growing this strain. The complex smell and huge yield are what makes this plant so popular with many growers.

Why choose the Killingfields strain
If you are looking for something special then Killingfields is the strain for you, this photogenic strain produces about 50% coloured buds whose leaves remain green which gives a beautiful contrast. She is not difficult to grow but needs to be kept in check by means of bending or scrogging. Killingfields gives delicious sativa-like buds which tastes like ripe berries with a caramel undertone and flower shades, very complex.

Different pheno types
A pheno type means a certain type of plant of a species and in the Killingfields we deliberately selected and crossed to realize a higher number of different pheno types. This is because the different pheno types all have special qualities which we would regret if we wouldn’t find it again. This might be a bit inconvenient with flowering but a real treat for the true cognoscente since you would be able to grow different types of plants from one pack, all with their own advantages. If you are looking for that one in a million opportunity, then Killingfields is your winner!

The Killingfields produces 50% green and 50% coloured plants, this percentage may vary per bag of seeds.

Strain specifications
Flowering period : 9-11 weeks
Yield : High
THC : 23%
Effect : Stoned / High / Happy
Medical : Nausea / Pain / Apetite
Plant Height : Tall

Use-full to know about this strain
Plants on 1 square meter
5 plants : 3 weeks growth period
9 plants : max 1 week growth period
16 plants : no growth period


This is a indication about how long to grow your plants but beware that seedlings intent to grow as big as the soil container you are giving them. The bigger the soil container the longer will the seedling decide to get a longer growth period to grow big enough to fill the space.


TOTAL COST 5 + 2 free feminized seeds = 36.00 euro OR 39.39 USD
Result is 5.63 per feminized seed
Shipping included
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Things are looking good bud! Where did you get the Killing Fields from? I have only seen them from the breeder other than 2 seedbanks that are kinda iffy. I know one of them actually went out of business.
Thanks, The seedbank is not a sponsor so I will IM you the info
they are having a sale.

Oh this could be one of the iffy seedbanks, I did not do any research on them ;)


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Thanks bud! I would go direct from breeder but only having a cash in the mail option for stateside puts a damper on things
Not sure but I was under the impression that the seed bank I purchased from was the breeder ?
On I am USA and used CC (Coming from the Netherlands


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They are the breeder! that is awesome you can use cards now! Their Jackberry is something that always interested me.
I have to be careful when opening these SEED Sale emails. I seem easily
convinced, so not sure if I should read about the JACKBERRY . Its like waiting in-line
at the store looking at all the CANDY


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Just found this little bit of information NOT sure about the science but will be easy to put into action
on my next grow ;) Lets see if it makes any difference DURING this next run. Plan on running another PH x M
so will have a base-line to compare with

Oh the last paragraph below is INTERESTING dont think I ever heard that would cause "discolor due to leaf chlorosis."
over a specific time frame ?

"let’s say your grow room is at the normal optimal day-time temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius). To reduce internodal length growth you will want to try to maintain the temperature at 71°F (22°C) at night.

This technique is most effective during the first 2-3 weeks of the flowering period - when you have just switched to a 12/12 photoperiod. This is when cannabis plants put a lot of effort into their pre-flowering growth, creating the building blocks for their colas. At this phase, you will want to consider increasing the night-time temperature to match the day-time – this will really minimize the massive internodal growth associated with this time period and allow your cannabis plants to focus on growing much denser buds. Look at it this way, what use is extra stem to you? Surly you would rather your plants direct their energy into bud growth rather than throwing it away with longer stems?

After the initial 2-3 weeks you can reduce the night-time temperature back to its original 71°F (22°C). This will stop the plant getting stressed. If there is a zero difference between night and day temperature for more than three weeks, your plant leaves may begin to discolor due to leaf chlorosis.

Needed to post this here so I can find the information next year
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Kinda like the COOK as you GROW thing I stumbled into :19:
Next day or two and I will be adding the 3rd part of the missing EWC/Amendment .
Looks like by the time I finished adding it all I will be ready for the CATs and than
maybe the Re-Charge

Purple Haze x Malawi
80 days from Pop
24 days since Up-Pot
7 days from First Pistils

74 days from Pop
24 days since Up-Pot
7 days from First Pistils

Pictures taken with ONLY the T5s (Reds & UV/Full spectrum) on just prior to the HPS coming on






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Interesting just read this

It was asked about using straight pro-mix and EWC. I said it isn't the preferred method by any means, but if they are already transplanted into that medium, that top dressing 1st run amendment and Roots!, should help to get the microbial population going and hopefully get the soil at least working with the kit ingredients.

Neiko was concerned about the amendment cooking the roots. I know you had mentioned top dressing with 3rd run instead of doing a second recharge on long running strains, so I'm thinking the amendment should be ok without frying the plants.
Very interesting, I will have a LIVE run example of what happens SOON

Hopefully wont see any issues since the soil had actually been cooked in the past and was only in need
of a Re-cook (1/2 soil amount was never re-cooked for 2nd run)

I SHOULD probably be a bit concerned since I have been doing the slow addition of the missing 2nd run amendment and EWC

i have not noticed any issues at all, actually they are looking great as I have added 3/4 of the total amount over the
last 3 watering s (2 + weeks)

Doc recommends
"it's not a great idea to plant and amend at the same time. The amendments by themselves will not grow anything and there is a period of time when the soil is actually toxic....about 2 weeks. This isn't because the amendments are toxic....they are just rocks....but because without microbial activity there's nothing for the plants to eat and the roots can't passively take in salts since there are none...etc. "

I did this in an attempt not only to keep the soil life fully amended but I also wanted to
keep the soil READY for the 3rd run.
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Mornin to ya 'G'. Cant help but comment , that your tent looks like sumpin i would see at the university i work at..in one of their Biology labs. Cheers eh.
Thanks You should see the other side of the room, Microscope, Glass, Test tubes, Vacum Sealer, Measuring equipment, Scales ect ...


Its just my nature to want to understand whats happening under the surface.
Looking for the HIDDEN CLUES that will open up some of the secrets.

Found using DOCs kit I am in charge of keeping the outside environment in VPD range

The Microbes take care of everything in the soil, Nutrients, ph, ECC is all taken care of

Docs kit takes care of everything below the soil line, I just need to take care of everything above the
canopy and the plants will perform to there potental all by them themselfs


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Now then...you say that with a clever confidence . Never heard things put that way. Cheers 'G'. :headbanger:
Its really just that simple. Everything below the soil line is taken care of ;)
Minerals, Microbes & Magic

I am responsible for what happens above the canopy. Really frees me up to get all OCD.
IF I do my job to perfection the plants thrive in the middle

My job is to Find and understand as many variables as I can, get enough dialed in and
things get easy.
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