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New problem?


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hello all,
a while back I posted that I was having problems with my first grow. Im using a General Hydroponics Rainforest 66.
My initial problem was a common one....too much nutrient in the solution for such small plants. I corrected that but the problem persisted. The big problem, one that I havent seen mentioned in any FAQs or forums, was that I didnt have the proper amount of clay pellets in each pot. The pots are designed in a grid pattern so as to let the mist saturate the clay pellets so the roots can absorb nutrient solution continuously. By not having enough pellets I was leaving the top of the container "open" to the misting and I was exposing the lower stalk and leaves to continuous watering/feeding. After correcting this, the plants are thriving. I hope that this observation helps someone else in the future.
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