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New Project - Unknown Strains - Heat Stress?


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One baby (UK1) is doing great..
But baby number 2 (UK2) looks like it is suffering from chem burn and heat stress I will let you judge. I am using coco and 35% perlite. Using fox farm grow big at half strength and a little of ultra snow. Any help will be appreciated I am an apprentice :). Temps are in high 80 watering about 2 times a week.

UK1 = no straw
Uk2 = straw for support


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Re: New prject. (UNKNOWN STRAINS) Heat stress??

It does look stressed, but if it's been treated just like the other one I can't think why it's so tall and spindly. Maybe you just happened to get a bad phenotype, or mutant. I'd go with just plain water and see if it settles down. Isn't ultra snow just for flowering?


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Re: New prject. (UNKNOWN STRAINS) Heat stress??

any sign of bugs under the leaves? what kind of water do you use? try to give us all the detaials, lighting, experience, ph, nutes, scedule of feeding w/ amount, etc. Glad to help u figure out what's next.


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nute=foxfarm big bloom(half strength) and grow big (half strength) and ultra snow (qtr strength)
water=tap ph'ed balanced but that's pretty much it ( don't have ppm meter)
lighting=400watt hps (don't have mh)
soil= coco 65% and 35% perlite
experience= second grow
temps reach mid 80 on the canopy room gets about 84-88

*Quick update*
the grows I do are more to gain experience, with that being said my first grow is located on my sig, temps then were cooler due to climate. Humidity has never been a problem and no pest have been found on the plant itself. I have noticed fruit flie's or knats?? But they don't seem to be in the grow area more near the kitchen. I have learned through life experience's that this is a quick fix with some good ole bleach down the sink lol. Other then that my first plant resembled the mutant plant I have now which was northern light but she didn't show as much stress and never had leaves like those found in the middle of the uk2 plant.
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