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New Push For Medical Marijuana

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It's a new push here in Kansas to make sure those who use medicinal marijuana don't end up in the court system. Some want patients in pain from an illness or disease to be able to smoke up to feel better -- legally.

Friday, former Kansas Attorney General Robert Stephan, who suffered from cancer, will call on the legislature to legalize medical marijuana use.
A new group called the Kansas Compassionate Care Coalition is also behind the effort.

Member Cheryl Riley says, "It's extremely important. People are suffering and people are dying horrible deaths because they can't get access to the one substance that seems to help the most."

Pot helps some patients more than others, but plenty of studies show when a doctor can prescribe it, it can be effective to treat pain for those who suffer with conditions like cancer and glaucoma.

Since 1998, voters in 10 states and legislators in five states have passed laws allowing medical marijuana use. In Kansas, the issue has been brought up before but never got very far.

Opponents of these laws worry it would also make it easier for those who don't need it for medicine to get a hold of the drug and say that patients who use it could get addicted or it could cause other side effects.

It's an issue that's sure to spark controversy--that is if Kansas legislators even decide to bring it up this upcoming session.

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