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New Room, New Lights, New Strain, Organic, Super Soil, DIY COB Setup

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Whats up,

I expect this to take a month or so (maybe more) to get off the ground. I recently purchased all the materials to build a new 8 x 8 sealed and insulated room and I just started framing it up. I have a new mini split that I need to install, I have 20 Cree COB 3590 3500k lights in the mail with everything else I need to build a great light. I have never grown with LED's and feel as though I took a leap of faith here. This all being said, I have a ton of work to do. I figured I would start this now and keep it updated as the room gets built out and everything comes together. I have high hopes for this!

As far as the strain goes. I'm not really sure what I want to grow this time around. I will be looking for a new mother... I have had my white widow strain going for almost a year now and I think I'm ready to move on to another one. Any recommendations for a great strain? I'm looking for a higher yielding strain with a flowering time around the 8 week mark that works well in a scrog... Also, as far as seed banks goes I'm thinking about trying herbies. Anyone have experience using them? I'm really just looking for some really good genetics.

I will be growing in roots organics soil and using subcools super soil mix. I mixed it up about 3 months ago so its cooked for plenty of time. I will be using teas, and some light feeding to supplement the soil with general organics. Also, think I'm going to try out Mammoth P as I have seen people getting awesome results with it.

Anyway, I will post updates about the room this weekend. I should have it framed up and rough electrical done. Probably have the slab poured for my mini split too.

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Got some work done on the room this weekend.. got it framed up and covered most of it with sheathing. Still have to run the electrical and set up the AC. Still waiting for my Cobs to come the mail they were backordered... I ended up going with (30) 36
V cree cobs cxb3590 top bin 3500k. Ordered my seeds from Herbies and waiting for those too. Here's some pics of the room starting to come together.
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Hey Alchemist thanks for stopping by. Ive never used led lighting before so I'm pretty excited to try out the cxb's.

Hopefully the room will be done in a week or so still have a good amount of work to do. I'm also still waiting for the cobs to get here. I ordered 20 originally and they got back ordered waiting for their ideal holders and for whatever reason I thought it would be a good idea to order 10 more. Ill keep this updated as I go. I should have my seeds in the next few days here finally picked out some strains. I'm just about to flip the switch on my girls at my old location to finish them up Ive been keeping that phenotype going for about a year now (white widow) and figured I would start fresh at the new location.

New seeds include:

TGA Subcool Pennywise
Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk
Barneys Blue Cheese
TGA Subcool Querkle Seeds
Heavyweight Strawberry Cake

I also got some freebies with the order including:
Afghan Cow Fem
Delicious Candy Feminized Seed
World of Seeds Pakistan Valley
Delicious Critical Jack Herer

Not sure which ones I'm going to run but I do want to end up with some good mother plants, or at the very least some good clones.
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Alright progress has been kind of slower than I wanted here but its just me and no help which makes for a lot of work. heres some pics of the room. The door came out mint... nice and square and once I weatherstrip it I should have no issues making it light tight. The rough electrical is ran... still thinking about how I want to do it. I finished one COB light. (10) 36V CXB3590 3500k running off 2 1400ma drivers. I am going to mount the drivers all outside the room on the panel next to the electrical boxes. There will be 2 more of these light fixtures that I still need to make.

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Yooo its been a while. Life and work has been busy as hell. Got most of the room finished up today. I have almost all the wiring done. You will notice there is one insulation panel missing from the roof and that is just to make my life easier when I run the wiring to the lights. I remotely mounted all the drivers outside the room and I put one 4 gang outlet on a different circuit that is inside the room which will be used for my fans and co2. The door has been insulated and weather sealed. This will help with the AC and makes sure the door is light tight. All thats left really is to get some 1/8" inch rubber for the floors, cover the room with some white water/light proof film, and install my AC. The concrete slab is already poured outside the AC so all I really need to do is wire up a AC disconnect. I am determined at this point to get this dam thing done it has taken me too long. Here are some pics of the progress.

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I got a ton of stuff done yesterday and today. I got almost all of my wiring done.... I wired plugs onto all the divers, and I ran the wiring for all three lights. I also got the rest of the room all insulated and sealed up. I guess its easier to say whats left at this point. I need to wire the timer onto the light circuit, and I need to wire in my AC disconnect for the ac compressor. I also still have one more light to build I just need to get some more thermal paste for the COB's and some more angle. I have a whole bunch of white panda film to wrap the room in I just need to get some larger staples for my staple gun to put it up. Its getting there.. I think I should have everything squared away and ready to start growing in a week or two. The sooner the better!

Heres some eye candy too from my current grow at my other location. Just finishing up there and Ill be out of there. This is 6 white widow plants in a scrog in super soil under a 1000w HPS. They are about 4 weeks into flower and looking great so far. Have slight discoloration from the light being a little too close. Raised it up today should be all set. They are not nearly as yellow as they look in the pics thats just from the has light.



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Found this thread while I was bored and I'm Intrigued. Pretty freakin awesome so far and the pics from your current grow looked good too. I'm subcribing and anxiously waiting for a update..
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Whats up skunk and twox. Thanks for the compliments I've been working hard on it! Believe me I'm anxious to get some plants in here too. To answer your question skunk I'm going to use a 4'x8' tent for veg. I have some t5's that Ill be using in there. I have 2 4' fixtures that hold 8 t5's each. I will use the t5's until I can save a bit more money for more cob's. They are so dam expensive and I have already dished out over 5 grand for all of this stuff. I am confident though that this will be the best room I have ever grown in so I'm excited!

I have a ton of different seeds and I'm still trying to figure out which ones I am going to use. I'm on the fence between growing 12 and 16 plants in there. If I do 16 it will be just once and then back down to 12. The reason being it I am going to be looking for mothers. I plan on keeping maybe 4 mother plants.. Obviously I will veg them for less time if I end up going with 16. I have the list of strains at the beginning of this thread but for convenience sake ill list em again. Thoughts?

Seeds include:

TGA Subcool Pennywise (5)
Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk (5)
Barneys Blue Cheese (3)
TGA Subcool Querkle Seeds (5)
Heavyweight Strawberry Cake (3)

I also got some freebies with the order including:
Afghan Cow Fem
Delicious Candy Feminized Seed
World of Seeds Pakistan Valley
Delicious Critical Jack Herer
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Another question for anyone who wants to chime in. I have a roll of 10' x 100' of white poly which I was going to wrap around the room. Do you think its even worth the hassle? I might just leave it the way it is. Do you think there would be an advantage to using the poly of just leaving the walls the way they are now? I could just return the poly roll and get my 90 bucks back...
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Heres a pic with the two lights I have hung up. I'm going to have to move them over to the right a bit to fit the third. I'll get some angle aluminum this week to finish up the third light. Should go pretty quick because I saved all the plans and measurements for it. This is also a pretty small dehumidifier so I guess I will see how it does before possibly investing in a bigger one. The Co2 meter is on the wall and ready to go too. I have a huge carbon filter that I think I might as well run outside of the room vs inside... I guess will see if that works. I'm temped to just germinate some seeds now and get this ball rolling but I will wait till everything is in place. Going to try to get this finished this week.
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I don't know if anyone noticed or not but the drivers I have outside my room are all dimmable. Not sure why I would really want to dim them but i figured what the hell and ordered a bunch of dimmer switches. They are 100k potentiometers and I will be using a 10k resistor on them for a little protection. I'm going to probably just get some square 1" aluminum thats like 8" long and drill the dimmers into that. It will look nice and clean. Ill take some pics of me building the dimmer bar while I'm doing it so you can have a better understanding what it is I'm trying to do.

I also have 3 led strips with 6 less each in it of 730nm far red. These are going to be my flower initiators. Im not sure how familiar people are with flower initiators but the idea is that the 730nm tells the plants to "go to sleep". It is because of this spectrum that outside plants can grow under just 11 sometimes 10 hours of darkness. Allegedly it can take up to 2 hours of total darkness indoors (without 730nm present) for plants to actually realize they are in the dark (wasted time). I will write more on this later I have to run to work!

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hahaha thanks man I appreciate it. Its been a long time in the making... Lets put it this way - I knew what I wanted in my grow room but I have no idea whats code and all that as far as building. My experience with building is limited to building like a shed so I totally was shooting from the hip:laugh2:. Also I'm an amateur with electrical.. I know the DC stuff because I went to school to be a mechanic but no so much the AC house electrical. This is at least the second grow room I've wired up. I did all the electrical myself but I have an electrician friend who I have had just double check everything to be safe. I haven't screwed anything up but I feel better having someone who works with electricity on a daily basis check my work. I finally just got my own house so its the first project :thumb:

He is actually coming over tomorrow so I'm going to tie everything in and fire it up! Then I just have to clean the basement and set up my 4x8 veg tent. Im like 85% done.