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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums here at 420magazine.com and I hope to enjoy learning and spreading knowledge, along with LOTS of friggin AWESOME BUD PORN! I've got a few big grows under my belt, going on 6 years experience along with a million hours research throughout the whole online community and books. I plan on being a breeder producing true IBL strains of old school, great, and legendary strains with origin, produce own personal regular and feminised seeds for awhile, and maybe my country's laws (usa) will change someday so others may enjoy them too. Anyways, give me a warm welcome, hope we all have a fun time!!! :allgood:

Not at all, thanks Spike, appreciate it. :hippy:

For being a young adult I sure have alot figured out I just need everything you people can offer me from your experience for further improvement, I try and keep an open mind, not a know it all. So I'm easier than some to work with, but there's alot of people here like me too! So, I figure this is the place for me. :smokin:


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I plan on being a breeder producing true IBL strains of old school, great, and legendary strains with origin,
Hey Kronman :adore: :adore:
:welcome: Brother, glad you joined us at 420. :439:
You may not be the first to set his sights to a higher level.
Hope you hit the mark Kronnoisseur!
Looking forward to reading your contributions to the site. :reading420magazine:
I'll see you around the forums.


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Perfect! :welcome: Kronnoisseur
Helping each other is the name of the Game. :cheer:
You will like here, My Friend.
What's your Medium of Choice? You sound like a Soil Guy...Right? :50:
Continue to get to know us all by :surf: the forums.
You will find only Postive Vibes and Super nice people all wanting to share what they have learned and to gain your thoughts and Knowledge.
We are family and our Door is wide open for you Brother. :thumb:
See you around.
Enjoy and Be Safe.
Happy Growin' :yummy:
cocojoe- I think we all have our sights set at a HIGHER level... :19: Looking forward to contribute too.

weedpipe- I'll be lurking around the forums asap and within the month I should have a grow journal for everyone to follow up with. :nicethread:

the weed- 1 thing that's my baby and perfect in my eyes is my MVTF, I can't wait to show everyone a primo batch!!!!!!!!!! Way. And I always love scratching the backs, best thing we can do for eachother (you know the saying, I scratch your back, you scratch mine *HINT* +rep). :48: Way looking forward to meeting new friends like cocojoe and ya'll, I love sharing my passion with other's who feel the same. I'm already finding out how friendly everyone is here and it's great compared to all the other forums because of that, sometimes it's like why can't we all just get along. When it comes to family I keep it tight I come to yours with arms wide open, amen brotha. Safety is our golden goal. :bigtoke:
When I do smoke report's they will firstly go to marijuanareviews.com, I will copy everything I report on here soon after. Both are great sites. I should have smoke reports for 8 different strains within a few months, everything's getting established again since I had to start back from scratch. I'll post up my current mom's here in a minute. I'm only able to ID two of which, they're the trainwreck and the thunderfuck. :yummy:

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ATF big in center, TW on the far right, rest are numbered unsure for now.

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I knew you like the Dirt.
Good Growin Kronnoisseur ! :yummy:
I'm a dirty boy, what can I say? :cool027: Flavor is awesome in it and it grows just as potent if not more, it's just harder for some to achieve the same results as with alternative methods.

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I just saw the ATF pict and had to stop by and welcome you. that one of the all time great strains..So a big :welcome: is definetly in order.
Aww thanks man, yeah it's for sure the top ten all greatest strains if not #1... I just took some literal nasty bud shots of it, check em out!

The top two are of my fimmed and pruned abused mother, and the budshots are from some scragly abused plants I just threw into flower under an incandescent bulb. It becomes a nice, dark, 7 fingered leave beauty. :bravo:

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Kronnoisseur, I see you made the hook up and heard it as well you could not be in better company than those on this thread. I have high hopes for you because I think you are wise beyond your years so best of luck and keep in touch!
The ATF is a BEAST.
Your strains are world class!
Good to hear, can't wait till were all having fun! ;) I hope to thing I am to, I have my moments though and sometimes I wonder, but I know I have something there. :cheer: ATF is in a class of it's own, it's different, one of those have to try it's... no doubt. More amazing strains to come too man! :slide: We'll keep in touch.

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