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New Seedsman’s Genetics Comparative Grow: Peyote Zkittlez & Peyote Forum

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Wow way cool @seedsmen thanks for the chance to grow out more of your strains . Do we need to send dm with our mailing info? Or y'all have on file still lol thanks again seedsmen . :high-five: :nerd-with-glasses:
Was just wondering this actually

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Hey y'all.

Seedsman has been swamped. I just talked to him and was assured that he will be back in the next few days to gather info from y'all.

Hold tight until then.

Now what could we do to pass the time???? Lol


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I don't know if you still need growers for this one but if you still do...count me in please. I also asked to be in the other one as well. Not sure if any are full yet.


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hello beautiful people! :5:

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