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New seeking advice


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Hello. I've just decided to join the forum due to the fact that 420 mag is a great reference when looking up information on questions I have. It seams like the people that post on here seam nice enough to give feed back. I hope I get the same love as I have 100 of questions amount growing, curing and harvesting. Hope to get advice soon thanks.


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Re: New seeking advice.

Greetings Dizdank420 and welcome to :420: :welcome:

Everyone who loves this board is always on the lookout for the chance to share knowledge and experience where it is needed.

Check out New Member Start Links and get to know the lay of the land (i.e. what forums are where). You may find some of your questions are already answered. And when in doubt you can always post in FAQs

I look forward to your posts - have a canna-tastic day!



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welcome to 420. If you start a grow journal, fellow members will give you valuable information during your grow!
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