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New Site Record!


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i missed it, too busy smoking a blunt or 3


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Thats real killer.


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i don't remember haha...probably not though. maybe at my friends house though...i can't remember too much of last night.
plus you should change that time planning on 4/20 to earlier in the day...like 4:40 AM that way people probably will be at home. cause at night im going night time disc golfing. and by 8 pm im normally totally trashed. i always make a few things of food and just eat as much as i can possibly eat...last year: german chocolate cake...

Keith Lake

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Most users ever online was 803, Today at 08:04 PM.

I was online, were you?

This is really a great site, no contentiousness, cool people, great stories, excellent photos, and all the current news we need!!!
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