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New Some Outdoor Advice Please


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I'm a new signup to this site but have read lots here. Need advice from the more experienced grower. I am working outdoors with a soil less mix. I'm switching to AN sensi grow a/b. I'm using a 4 gallon water jug. I am going to mix in my A ingredient in the water and shake it up good. I will then add my B part and mix it up really good. I will add the same amount of each. My first time using this on my plant I think I should start at about 50% strength just to be safe. Now I want to also use root excelerator. My question is this: Can I add the root excel right into my water with the sensi grow food after I have prepared both A/B? If so, Should I also go at 50% strength with the root excelerator for the first time? Thanks in advance for the advice.
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