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And if they had to search every brown envelope coming through,mail would never move lol.
Well, see, that's the thing. You could logically extend that statement (since they don't only search brown envelopes) to read: If they had to search everything coming through, mail would never move. And the inspectors know this; a four-year old knows this, lol. So they get memos with suggestions about what kinds of packages some Pointdexter at a desk somewhere has determined they should prioritize this week.

Some of us figure, in this "War on Drugs," that the other side doesn't deserve our help. And it's not like this discussion is taking place inside the dark basement of an abandoned building somewhere, lol. It's a public forum accessible to anyone, at any time. It can also be accessed by spiderbots, simple little pieces of code called directed search routines. 40 years ago, someone would have to infiltrate a meeting, or bug it and listen to the conversations live or review the tapes afterwards. Now, they just need to be capable of reading a computer-generated report :rolleyes: .

I agree, "brown envelope" is a pretty generic description. It's not like "brown Tyvec envelope with an alternating green and white border approximately 3/8" thick around the edges, 8"x14" in size, with one of these seven return addresses/names on it." But where does one draw the line? And, after having done so, what about the person who fell on the wrong side of that line, so to speak? If you frown on all discussions of this sort, everyone might become mildly annoyed - but if you try to make distinctions, those who have been determined to have revealed too much are going to feel singled out, discriminated against, more than mildly annoyed. This can, at the least, require an explanation.

So it's better (IMHO) to just frown on mentioning delivery specifics. "Good delivery method," "Excellent stealth setup! I almost didn't find the merchandise, and I knew it was in there," and "The 'stealth' delivery method was a joke" would all be perfectly acceptable, because they don't include specifics.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a member of this forum's staff and, therefore, the above opinions are my own.

@DrSeeds , my apologies for cluttering up your thread. I have used a chain of pseudo-anonymous proxies to visit your website (please consider relocating it to a server that's in a different country than the one it's in now ;) ). I love the artwork on your tins! It brings out the child in me without being such that it's actually geared towards children, and I like that. I cannot order any time soon, but have already placed well over half a dozen strains on my "virtual wish list."

Thanks again for being a forum sponsor. I hope that you are already seeing increased business in return. And I hope that everyone visits your website while you still have your awesome "3 for 2" sale going on. Remember, folks, the coupon code for that is "3FOR2" and you only have to enter it once per order, even if you are purchasing six (or nine, or twelve, or...) tins of seeds.


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These Bubba Kush and Bubble Gum Autos are CRAZY!!! I’m attempting to Quad line them. They’re growing like weeds on steroids. 100% germination from 6 seeds 3 of each, 1 lazy BG, and 1 BG that I pulled that was very late. Rebecca’s customer service has been outstanding. Thx @DrSeeds , I’m looking forward to my next order later this year.


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