New Strain: Northern Lights x Death Bubba: Northern Death


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:welcome: I hope all is well with everyone out there in the 420 community. So I’ve done some searching on good ole google and I haven’t been able to find a hybrid of Northern Lights crossed with Death Bubba. I’ve come across comparisons between the strains but I haven’t come across a hybrid with these strains as the parent. Definitely correct if I’m wrong I might of not looked hard enough but as of right now to the best of my knowledge this is a new strain.
Let me introduce you to Northern Death

Bred in the great white north, we only saw it fitting to name her Northern Death.
She was all accidental. If you checked out my last journal this all ties into that. Long story short we didn’t care for our Northern Lights plants like we should of (laziness) and they ended up being light stressed. They tried to bud early yaddy yadda and they ended up turning hermaphrodite. We had some Death Bubba growing in our hydro setup at the same time. When it started getting cold outside we brought the NL back inside, we had the DB in flower by then and bam they got pollinated before we were able to notice that the NL were hermies.
Now we have these seeds taken from our DB pollinated by our NL. We’re excited to see how she will turn out.


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If you’ve got a red solo cup, you should drop the clear cup into the red cup to protect the roots! :thumb:
your off to a great start!
Hey thank you, yes I took your advice and just slipped that cup into a red one.


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Welcome back Corinne , I’ll be sitting back waiting for another photo winner . Already a great start . :nomo:
Thank you, sorry for the late reply :oops: I have my fingers crossed. We got a new light which I feel isn’t very flattering in pictures so we’ll see


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Hi Corinne.....
Sounds like an interesting mix, fellow Canadian will be watching from the sideline.
Yes we’re hoping it turns out to be something great. Thanks for joining in


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Hey I am back with a few updates. Little N.D is growing nicely. She’s I say with fingers crossed has now been transferred over to the hydro system.

These pictures were taken January 15th.

Shortly after we got a new light, the nanolux.

We heard good things and we’re hoping we see a difference.

Here are a few pictures I took today

She has been topped once so far. Her leaves feel very strong and solid and look at how much her stock has grown. We think N.D is going to be a nice sturdy plant.
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