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New Studies Show Cannabis Effect At Treating COVID-19 Symptoms


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I'm gonna keep getting high as hell, and wear a mask at the same time. This article is totally opportunistic. No REAL science behind it.


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Well 100% of the mice is a pretty good rate of recovery.

Here's what the article says (in case others wish to know):

"University of South Carolina researchers now believe marijuana’s THC could be effective against battling symptoms caused by the coronavirus based on a trio of studies. In each study, THC helped prevent a deadly immune system response that causes acute respiratory syndrome (ARDS) and boosted healthy lung bacteria.

The studies were published in Frontiers in Pharmacology, the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, and the British Journal of Pharmacology. ARDS is considered a serious, potentially deadly illness and causes the lungs not to provide enough oxygen to the body’s organs. This results in fluids entering the lungs, compounding the lack of oxygen throughout internal systems. The mortality rate of ARDS is 38.5%.

But when scientists injected THC into mice with ARDS, they were shocked to find how effective the cannabinoids was in reducing inflammation and related symptoms. Over the three studies that included over a dozen of experiments, 100% of mice given THC survived."


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92% of drug trials on animals fail to work in humans. Google it. I'm just saying, I don't get all excited when a study with Mice shows a positive effect. History has shown, its the equiv of wishful thinking.

Just sayin.
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