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I myself have only smoked about 5 times. . . and im a real dumbass when it comes to weed, i want to know how much should i have to pay for an eight of shawag?. . . I payed 25 bucks and he made me smoke with him and that pissed me off cause he didnt pitch in any.
an 1/8 of shwag in my area would probably run for like 10 or so.... dime sack. never bought an 1/8 of schwag before.

welcome to the board bro... i know a couple peeps from indiana.. cool guys.

im gonna smoke this next bowl for you, since you're new.
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Thanks man, i live in a small town, i just started halloween one of my friends gets free weed from his mom, but its worse then the shit ive got now, i shared 4 joints with four people at his house and i didnt get too fucked up either. . .
Yeah, I wouldn't pay more than 10 bucks for an eighth of schwag. It's a pain in the ass for people to get that little amount of weed. It's just not worth the trouble for 10 bucks. THat's probably why he charged you so much and made you smoke with him.
lol. possibly.

we all have to start somewhere...

i remember the first time i bought a bag, it was so pretty i didnt want to smoke it. god, those were the days.
After i smoked a j with a few freinds for the first time. the next day i bought an ounce for $60.....yes 60. it was straight crap, but i got high for a week too :D i was so happy....that is where it began, and now i can't get shit. sad times. I had a guy try to rip me too man, but i took friends along since i was a noob to the whole deal. tried to sell me a 1/8 of regs at dro prices. $45 bucks for that crap. we just said fuck it we ain't got the cash instead of tellin his ass to go fornicate with himself.
ounces of high mids run me 150...but there alot better thens chwag.. lol

never baught an ounce of schwag..havent been that desperate yet.
Damn u can still get em for 80?!?! :( cheapest i've seen down here is 110. SW florida. Seems like it would be cheaper with the miami coast and all, but i guess thats just a movie hype, or it don't matter how close u are to the supply. i have no clue. We all need to formulate a buyers guide lol.