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New to 420 and DWC need help plz


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Plants Affy cross
12 5gal buckets with 50 gal res 2 drip lines per bucket
6 600W HPS and 3 1000W MH
room temp 72-81 F
Water Temp 65F using a chiller
Nutes Maple Reef Love Potion Grow (10-10-10)
Maple Reef Cal Boost
Medium Rockwool with hydrotron covering

Started having problems with lockouts mostly Cal and MG and also a bit of browning of roots becaus of 280ppm well water so last week I flushed system and switched to RO water and added food 600ppm + 150ppm Cal-Boost(also by Maple Reef) + epsom salts at 5g/gal and treated with Plantacillin roots are better but my ppm keeps climbing and the PH keeps dropping down mid 4's am enclosing pics of yellowing and dying fan leaves also still some new growth leaf curling and darker viens with yellowing
Am flushing again today plz help





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Hi Cobb Hill - how exactly do your buckets work? You said 2 drip lines, is there a constant drip going? Is there standing water in the buckets at all? If so, do you have any roots in the water? If there's standing water in the buckets, do you have an airstone in them?

Just trying to get to the bottom of what's going on with a better understanding of how your buckets work.

Also, how old are they? How long has the issue been going on?

Your temps/environment sound good. I'm jealous of the res chiller.

This link has helped me some:

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