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Hey everyone i'm new here to 420mag, but I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks trying to gather as much info as possible for my next project which would be an indoor hydro setup.

With that being said, I really want to go out and grab a prefab cabinet and yes I understand they are pricey and whatnot but due to my specific needs this seems to be the best possible solution for an indoor hydro setup. So i've looked at a bunch of journals and found most if not all the at the time of writing the journals seemed to have been pretty happy with their purchase and yields with said cabinets.

My question is, since most of these journals are a year + old, do you still use them, find them handy as well as worth the money (did they pay for themselves) ?

Does anyone have any experience specifically with both the main players out there in the large stealth prefab cabinet world BCNL and SuperCloset ?
I only ask because I'm slightly considering a Trinity 2.0, though I prefer to support a Canadian company.

Any and all comments and or suggestions are welcome ! Thanks all in advance.

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