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Hi @Billybrown355 and welcome to the forum! :welcome:
I don't see a problem. the colorations on the stems and the trunk do indicate stress, but most times this is stress that the plant is putting on itself to move these leaves around or to straighten out the trunk. The colorations are the mechanism that the plant uses, to absorb more light on one side of a branch so as to be able to move things around in that area. Until there is a presentation of some kind of problem in the leaves, I never pay attention to these stress marks, especially if their cause can be seen, such as forcing the plant into some configuration by LST or another training method.

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Awesome, thanks! That's what I was hoping but was expecting worse from some of the stuff I've read... Probably just making me paranoid, lol
Well if you believed everything you read you wouldn't ever get thru a grow ;) as there is tons of misinformation out there on the web to put it lightly :19:. Also on top of what Emilya said, some strains also have purple stems, some wait until they older some do it right off the get go. Easy to do when you are new as in worry about every little thing, but one can get oneself in more trouble chasing imaginary problems than just letting the plant be and let it do it's thing. It appears to be happy and healthy so keep doing whatever you doing at this point.
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