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New to Guerilla Growing - pH question


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I have been successfully growing indoors for the past few years with promix and general hydroponics liquid nutrients. I PH the water every time to 5.8 with or without the nutes to keep my soiless ph in the 5.8-6.2 area.

This year I have found a spot and going guerrilla. I have mix together a simple soiless mix that includes peat, perlite, verm and lime for PH purposes, nice and easy as I love growing soiless. However, outdoors is different I understand because you can't control the environment and I am going to be putting a few autoflowers directly into a ground where the plants have different ways of absorbing nutrients, water, ect.

Due to the hot climate and security concerns I will also be adding water crystals from a reputable online source that can cut my watering trips in half. (Hope it works)

I have 2 different brands of liquid nutrients, general hydro chemical ferts and I have a bottle of Fox Farms grow big & Bloom.

I don't have any experience with water crystals and my concern with using the chemical ferts is the crystals will suck up the nutrients long term and create lockouts/PH problems. I have had such good results using this combo that I fear changing up the combination. I am also new to balancing organic nutes and a soiless base medium so I am left in a bind.

Either I continue to use GH and PH everything to 5.8, or I neutralize my water to 6 and use the fox farm nutrients and hopefully nature does the rest. Anybody have a idea?


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There's a thing, a closely guarded secret when it comes to organics indoor or outdoor ;) You don't have to PH water as your microbiota will take care of adjusting it anytime it's needed. It's a totally different approach from hydro. I'd advise you to use mycorrhizal inoculant, but autos have such a short life period that I'm not sure they'd benefit. Use a little bit of compost though, good organic well matured one, cause this will provide a microlife kick to these gals. Good luck.
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