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New to indoor and lighting, moving from outdoor


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I need to move 2 plants in containers, in early flowering (pistils are starting to just kick off heavy but no real colas formed yet) to an indoor setting due to temps. What is the minimum lighting I'd need to continue? Plants are in containers, about 3 ft tall. I'm thinking of going with CFLs, and have read I'd need 2700k for flowering, just not sure how many...

Note: This is entirely temporary, I have no desire to grow indoors regularly, so no need for a more expensive set up. Just the basics. :)

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


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Re: New to indoor and lighting, moving from outdoor....

You are going to need one heck of a lot of CFL's for two 3 foot tall plants. My first grow was two 2.5 foot tall plants and I had to use over 20 23 watt cfl bulbs 460 watts total to get decent coverage.

It is so much work to try and deal with that many lights you might want to consider hps or led my friend.



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Another option to reduce the bulbs needed is by topping the plants early, and using LST to grow a flat canopy. Growing plants tall with CFLs grows most of the plant outside of the effective range of CFLs.

Personally, I would suggest investing in a dual spectrum LED that will give you a Veg and Flower mode. This way you can still use the light in the future to Veg plants indoors before moving them outdoors in the spring, which will give you a big head start, and the chance to see higher yields.


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You're not saving enough money rigging up a bunch of CFL not to get a HPS or LED. If you have a bunch of sockets and other parts laying around then maybe you coud save some money but your grow still woudn't be as good as if you had a HPS or LED grow lights. I've seens some nice grows with the newer LEDs much better then some of the older models. I myself like HPS, they have been around for years and you can't go wrong, ( it's the artical growlight every other type of light want to be compared with).
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