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Hi all, I'm an old school farmer back in action now that my kids have moved out of the homestead. I always used HID lighting but figured I would try LED's with my training wheels grow. It's been over 10 years so I ordered some old favorites ( I like the classics ) but am just using the free beans for this test LED run.
I ended up going with 2 600W Maxbloom CREE 6X lamps and a 5 X 5 Gorilla Tent. I only have 1 600 up now as I'm only 3 weeks into vegging my seedlings. 2 X Blueberry, 1 X White Widow, 1 Amnesia Haze and a Neville's Haze. The Neville's Haze looks like a runt but the other 4 look great, just as good as when I used Metal Halides. Actually I would say better as they have the shortest inter-nodal lengths I've ever seen. They are also showing nice thick tree trunks for stems. Oh, I'm growing in Coco for the first time. I usually use Ebb Flow or DWC. Just wanted to try it out. Also using Advanced Nutes Coco formula.

I currently have 1 lamp about 24" above the plants. Seems like they are not needy at all as I see zero stretch. The veg dimmer is all the way up. When do I introduce the bloom spectrum? When I go to flower? Or do some folks use a bit of bloom dimmer and if so why?

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In my country we have an old saying: If a device has a turbo button, use it ;)

Once you're beyond the seedling stage and in proper veg, crank it up to max - more light equals faster growth.

I think these grow/bloom spectrum switches/dials are BS, use full spectrum all the time, and full power for maximum PPFD on the plants.
I really like your take on lights. You seem to know a good bit about them. "full spectrum all the time", "dials are BS". Give a man a knob he will turn it!

This has been our philosophy and science/design all along. No knobs, full spectrum all the time. Just like the sun!

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Hi all, man they look so good on just the veg dimmer I haven't tried to introduce the bloom yet. My seedlings are about 3 weeks old and they are looking great. Very very short internodal lengths, super short and bushy. Nice fat stems getting woody. I intend to veg them another 3 weeks then flower. Great point about the sun though, I guess it has no dimmers LOL.