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new to tha site!

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wanted to say whats up to all my fellow smokers, and if we all unite we can beat the system
:ciao: HotSmokinChic, How R you?
Really Glad your here, Talkin', Expressing Yourself, Sharing your thoughts.
:welcome: :ciao:

You will meet Many here on 420 with the Very same Beliefs.
All Postive and All United.
Thanks for joining us.

Looking for Help understanding Member features and Locating Info, Question?
Please just Shout, Someone is always here. ;)

:thanks: In Helping 420 Spread Cannabis/Hemp Awareness.
Enjoy yourself :surf: the forums and Meeting us all. :thumb:
and if we all unite we can beat the system
That's the plan!
Hi, Girls always get more attention, don't know why though? Just Kidding!

:welcome: to the 420Magazine forums. :welcome:
:thanks: for joining the site. :439:
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Glad you are here and I'll see you in the forums.
:welcome:aboard, I'm a newbie too. But I have found so many nice folks here, who enjoy the same thing I like....Like Smokin Weed ! :rollit:

So sit back smoke a :48: and flip through for awhile..

That's what i'm doing.


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Welcome to 420 HotSmokinChic:welcome: Noob here as well:439: If you have the questions, plenty of folks here with the right answers:reading420magazine:


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:welcome: Welcome to 420!!:welcome:

This is a great site to learn, get educated and participate in AWARENESS and promote LEGALIZATION!

We are all glad :yahoo: you joined us.