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New to the forum, and happy to be here


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Hey everyone, I just joined the forum. I used MJ back in the day, high school era, 15 years later I'm picking it back up. My sleep patterns are AWFUL (my job), I was up to 20mg Ambien to even get to sleep. Over anxiety, and just general blah. My wifes friend made some brownies about three months ago and gave me a few. She told me to eat half, I had an entire one...half hour later nothing...ate another...twenty minutes later I was GONE and remembered why I love this plant so so much.

SO since that day, I have been using daily and very happy about it. I am not in a legal state, but in a decriminalized one, My profession also puts me in a very odd spot as well, but I don't really care for that and it's just a pay check so oh well.

How i found it the site here, I have been interested in doing a home grow, and I love data, and info etc. So I started digging and digging. I am an avid gardener, and love nature so I figured hell yes Let's grow. I am also in a situation where If I like it I could build a pretty sick grow room, but that's a later article. I have lots of options there.

So as of now, I think I'm going to do a small indoor grow in my basement, and see how it goes from there. If I enjoy the grow I'll move fwd with the bigger one.

I just wanted to say hello and thanks for all the great resources!


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Welcome to 420 mag.

Well since you are into gardening you already have basic knowledge in growing things, but im sure you will find everything you need to know on this web site it is a treasure trove of knowledge. Be sure to start a journal it helps tremendously for reference on future grows and will be looked at by many experienced grows so im sure you will be in good hands


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I def feel that my gardening skills will come in handy, I have been starting seeds for vegetables and growing them to adolescence indoors for transplant for years, so i think that will help. I have been digging through all of the previous grows gaining as much knowledge as possible in preparation for my first grow.


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Happy to have you! :)

I also have quite the green thumb, and look forward to the day where I'm able to grow my own magic trees. Can't wait to see your eventual journal(s), and enjoy the site!



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Thanks guys, and it's more than just the fun. My wife has had chronic head, eye pain for literally 2 years after her lasic surgery. To the point it causes massive headaches and will render her just immobilized. She has tried EVERYTHING under the sun, and I have finally convinced her to try cannibis. My brother is in a medical state, and I am going to get some zero THC stuff and start her on that, it can't hurt and she's tried everything else.

I am pumped to get this first grow underway, I'd like to be all built in the next 3 weeks, and then I'll start with bag seed to see how it goes. I have already gone through all the misc supplies from veggie grows to put towards this new venture.

devils letuce

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welcome to :420:

This is an awesome site to explore and learn how to grow killer marijuana. be sure to start a new journal its worth it ..Check out my signature below for some great starter links and our monthly contest that u can vote in ..

:lot-o-toke: devils letuce :thumb:
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