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Lady Antheia

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I lurked for a while and have been learning so much from this forum. So, it was finally time to make it official and join. This is a wonderful community full of knowledgeable people that are willing to share so that others may learn. Truly amazing!

I look forward to moving in and getting to know my new neighbors.

Lady Antheia

Well-Known Member
Okay, now that I have a few more minutes, I can update with more information. I'm a first-timer looking for relief from MMJ for chronic pain, auto-immune diseases, and neurological conditions. The multiple prescriptions are giving me too many side effects with little help.

Equipment gathered so far:
Viparspectra 600w
light timer
4x4 vivosun tent
rockwool cubes
Mother Earth coco
5 gal smart pots
CocoTek nutes
Ph and PPM digital testers
humidity and temp monitor

Planning on a simple hand water DTW for first time. I'm trying to keep it simple the first time so that I don't have more opportunities for things to go wrong.

Northern Lights, Blue Dream CBD, and Candida to see which strains and/or types will help me the most. I'm sure I will need plenty of help along the way, and I'm certain to ask many noob questions. Apologies in advance!

Chris Scorpio

New Member
I'm subbed.....I'll be trying Candida soon...just got my seeds
I'm really excited for it..I've smoked ACDC from a local dispensary and really like it
I'd start it now but have 7 autos in one tent and 6 in flower in another . I may start two since I think I can fit em in the auto tent
Good luck buddy


Lady Antheia

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I'll watch for your grow. Candida was on my list for seed because of ACDC. Glad to hear you liked it :thumb:

Lady Antheia

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More supplies are arriving by the day. A humidifier is hiding in storage, and I'll pull that out. Tent assembly will begin soon. In the meantime, I'm here learning all I can. :reading420magazine:

Lady Antheia

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The tent is assembled - a little unwieldy, but I got it! I'm anxious for my seeds to arrive which should be by early next week. I can't wait!! In preparation, I've been growing some of my regular garden plants so that I can get a feel for the LED light, timer, temp monitor, etc. One thing I do notice is that my small closet is getting hot. 98! I'm hopeful the larger 4x4 tent will help, but I did order an inline fan with carbon filter.

But do I also need an intake fan for fresh air, or is it possible to just pull in air from the basement where the tent will be?


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I have a 4x4 with 1000w I use an extraction fan, but don't use an intake an it's fine as long as u leave the lower vents open on the tent. This may be an issue if ur in flower an have lights on outside the tent but other then that I have no problems

Lady Antheia

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That's good to hear. I'll give that a try first before considering another fan purchase.
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