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Re: new to the site ,

I love the idea of growing your own wonderful plants eith a decent yeild , my problem is my yeilds are poor , ino you guys need alot of info in order to help me


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Welcome to 420mag homeslice! Feel free to ask all the questions you can. Remember, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask. In my signature is a link to the playground. There's usually quite a few people in there who love to help and offer solid advice


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hey , sorry aint been on i n a while , my mrs think this is a bad idea , she get s a little paranoid, anyways i agree with her a little bit , bahah,

my nlxskxksh is in 3 weeks of flower now , she is still stretching through scrog at min , with bud sites well formed , many thanks to all the hello`s , made me feel very welcome ,


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so i have some new babies in veg as we speak , i have 4 white widow x big bud , and 3 fast bud#2 , in veg say 3 weeks now , i just fimed my
ww bb , anyways im been havin some problems gnats there flying around and the larvae are in my soil , i m trying to break there cycle , by 1 a layer of sand over my soil , and fly catchers around my tent , the catchers are defo doin there work as there are 100s of the wee buggers stuck to them loll , do u think the gnats are the issue of low yeild ??

Richard Richardson

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Hi whizzer33,

It is completely safe to post here, as long as you follow our guidelines and do not give out any personal information. No-one is interested in your plants except us :yummy:


The best place to ask questions is Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to get a decent yield is by starting a grow journal Journals in Progress

:popcorn: Any pics?


devils letuce

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hey man :welcome: to :420:

feel free to speak freely and post pics on this site . they take all the right right steps to protect their members ..

i started a wwxbb on my last grow and sadly she never germinated . i was excited to grow her cause i grew a nlxbb that was awesome ..
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