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I love this site, you can talk about growing!! I used to belong to a website that resembles this one "weedtracker." They kept warning me to not discuss growing. They only wanted to discuss where the clubs were and what the clubs had, but when it came to talking about how to grow your own they didn't want members to even think that they might be able to grow their own weed. They would say that growing was very hard and that it should be left up to the ones that can do it. Anyone can grow and its so rewarding to smoke your own, and the money saved makes it all worth it.:headbang::cool027::cool027::headbang:

Jim Finnel

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wELCome to the boards.

i learned to grow here like you said. looking forward to getting to know ya.



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Hello everyone! I'm hailing from MN and excited to engage in the many forum topics about the wonderful herb! I am a college student and just beginning with my activism in the education and legalization issues. :smokin:
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