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New to this vaping thing and need help understanding 510 size


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I'm new to all this I found a cartridge I like but I've never vaped before an don't know how to make sure the vape cartridge works with the vape battery. My dispensary doesn't sell the battery part.

There are many smoke shops near me that dont dispense but do sell everything else. I know 510 is supposed to be a standard but on google and YouTube people have wide experiences.

If i were to go into a smoke shop would they help me ? Or do I not admit my real purpose ? And are cannabis oils considered thick oils ?

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Ok, but if i take the cannabis (I think its one time use) cartridge to the tobacco only store will they (tobacco shop) not like that, having pot in their store ?

I did look at your link, but im too new to do any of my own making and refilling.


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I advise you to contact a specialist in the store, he will be able to explain everything in detail and advise you what is best for you. When I started Smoking vape, I also did not understand what was better. I turned to the seller, who understood this and he suggested me a good option. I bought cheap smoke rpm 80 pro and was completely satisfied with it. It still works and the quality is very good, given the low price. Therefore, do not be afraid, go and ask all questions from a specialist. I wish you good luck!
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