New toker & grower hailing from LV NV!


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Hello, my name is Adam. You can call me Breeze. A little back story on the name, I work with this dude at a restaurant, who is the main cook his name is D. I used to rock a man bun, and D would call me Samurai. I cut my bun off because I was heading into management so i gotta look sharp. I came into work and D was like "Oh man you comin in lookin all cool, im gonna call you.. Cool Breeze" And its stuck. Im Cool Breeze, Lil Breeze, Or just Breeze.

I am 22 and I consume marijuana, preferably flower, preferably in a joint. Las Vegas is booming when it comes to dispensaries. Theres this place here that just opened called NuWu and its insane. It has a DRIVETHROUGH! I mean.. what a time to be alive! Theres a place called Jenny's Dispensary and they are pretty cool. They are down the street from me so thats where I prefer to go.

I am currently growing a single flower right now. Her name (im assuming its a female) is Cool Breeze OG. The potting date is 1/1/18 and its coming along very nicely, at least I think. Its my first grow. I will post a separate thread of my flower because I have a lot of questions.

Positivity and chillness is how I love to live. Lets be friends! Its good to meet you all.
Thank you!
re: New toker & grower hailing from LV NV!

Welcome LilBreeze :welcome:

Glad to hear that you have a grow going. You should head over to our Grow Room & start a journal for fun & entertainment! Thanks for the tips on the dispensaries.

re: New toker & grower hailing from LV NV!

Hello I'm also in Las Vegas but I'm not new to smoking and I'm also a fairly new to growing.
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