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I have a very close friend who is a well known famous volunteer attorney for NORML. He offers FREE Defense if you plead NOT Guilty and ask for a jury trial for possession, and I've seen him convince the jury to vote not guilty when the defendant was 100% absolutely guilty, several times in possession cases.

I could ask him if he is willing if you think that is a good idea.

Hi RM.

Just saw this post. That would be really excellent! Kudos to your friend, of counsel, that provides his services for jury trials!

Don't know yet how you could integrate a "structured" environment for the Lawyer to participate, some of the "negativity" of posts would turn my stomach if it were an open debate. Perhaps prepared questions he chooses to answer at determined times? (Just sort of brainstorming with you here).

Anyway, he might have some ideas how it could be formulated. I just think a "Lawyers Corner" would be a great addition to the site.

Props Man!


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He, my attorney, emailed me back this morning and said "very interested" and that he would visit the site and check it out soon. He'll let me know mroe soon, and I'll PM you who to look for. He is listed on the Norml site as a volunteer attorney.


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I haven't thought through the business methodology of this as it relates to 420mag, but a price comparison, search engine like dvdpricesearch would absolutely rock. Either for products and seeds companies, or both.

Nothing better then to have one source for comparison shopping!

No way !! Then how will the crooks survive ?? Do you have no heart !! Honesty,' that shit will never work !! Damm, I never thought i'd see the day, when seeds sell for more that the bud !!


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Please give us back our "User CP" button.....I hate the drop down menu that always conflicts with the one above it!


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Rob, you knew I would have to chime in, right? lol

I still like my old idea of having a "live chat" feture added but, I also remember what you said about the mod nightmares that goes with it.

I was thinking about that and the only thing I could come up with is setting down a strengent set of rules/guidelines with warnings about ways to be banned from the site if the rules are not fallowed.

The 2 main places I could see a chat feture being the most usefull is mainly in the grow room as well as the action sections, as we could talk and hash out problems in real time, because I feel that their are times when people need answers to come quicker than having to wait for someone to reply to their posts in a day or two as it could mean the life or death of someone's prized plant...wdyt?

Just my openion :thanks: & :peace:

:420: ROCKS!!!


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Be simpler and less hassle for those that see to the mechanics of the site to just suggest an IRC channel.

Probably less potential liability as well.

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Yea, youre right about that one, the IRC net is some covert sht...no doubt

I could'nt have gotten over 6000 karaoke songs without it :2:


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We've been down this road 420 times now, please no more requests for chat, as we've advised on this issue way too many times. Bottom line is that there is no way to moderate it and we have no interest in trying. Open chat would take away from our forums and would only be a nightmare to moderate, plain and simple. It's just not going to happen guys, sorry. I'll report it now so the mods can post the standard protocol advisory again. Just wanted to say something now so it doesn't end up in a long discussion about it again, before they have time to tend to it. Thanks.

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The issue is that we have to design the site's policies for the 1% of the members that could cause existential problems, not the 99% of responsible members that we're grateful to have.

For example if chat was used in real time and a few moldy nugs (bad apples) used it to hook up, the site could come under the scrutiny of LEO. Right now, we're compliant with the law and we spend a lot of time and precious moderator capacity keeping it that way. Otherwise, we'd risk not having this great platform for spreading Cannabis Awareness ;)

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shame their's not a way to have an automated mod system added inwhich certain "key words" would throw up red flags and an auto warning/ban system in place as well as a way to automaticly stop the bad post from even being seen by others but I'm not sure if their is such an animal

Honestly though, I'm personally doing just fine without all that :thumb:

Their's enough "behind the scene headache" as it is without risking the site, no way that's worth risking!!!
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