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Many of our members are having difficulty finding their way around the new website.

This is where you can ask questions about how to do certain things, or share your tips and tricks for navigating.

Helping others and paying it forward is what we're all about.

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I'm so lost I don't really know what to ask.... I just got here - on my phone - after I lugged out the laptop to log in. That's when I was told that the app is no more.
Thanks for starting this.... I look forward to following (if I can figure that out!)
Hey there GT! Great to see you back. Things are pretty quick and easy. I'm still on my phone actually and we can coach you on that after but first let's get you acquainted with the new roll out :rollit:

Let me find the posts and links for you


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App dosent work

Use chrome, go to the website, then forums

Here are a couple PHONE Pics to help ya navigate a bit and the PC info at the Bottom

1st pic, the 3 bars at Top, Teddy referred to them as HAMBURGER
Click it

Menu Bar slides over for the Forums and stuffs
YOUR THREADS is ones YOU started
WATCHED THREADS is your old list of subscribed threads

If you scroll down to the Bottom you have MEDIA
YOUR MEDIA is where yo go to UPLOAD pics
Click the add media, then MEMBER GALLERIES, then upload pics. It will default to your galleries

On a PC

Top row, 2nd from the Left
420 FORUMS... hover over it
WATCHED THREADS are your old subbed threads

For Pics
Far right is GALLERY
Hover over it click YOUR MEDIA
Right side black box ADD MEDIA
then click MEMBERS GALLERY at the top of the popup screen
Add yer pics

Hope this helps some my friend

Here is a quick run down on posting pics.

To find your threads choose threads < watched threads.

On my phone if I click the lightning bolt it take a me to the feed of the most recently commented on threads.

PM's are now called conversations.
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Lady G2HM

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First page hehe, please bring back the app.
There will be an app made from the website once the glitches are ironed out. I'm sure they will build an app that will kick butt in the future. It's just gonna take a little time. Hopefully we can all just sit tight and medicate...lol :48: You're wish has been duly noted because we mirror this hope too.

Lady G2HM

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If you haven't noticed by now, 420 mag web site has changed. Some are happy like me because it's more accessible to someone with viewing disabilities, some are upset that change has occurred. May I make this transition easier for you?

I absolutely care about your experience here enough to reach out and say, can I help you catch up in any way.

If you are as grateful about the website as I am - please visit this link and vote "Love it" and let them know you are going with the flow. Any positive feedback on your experience will balance this project immensely while the tech fixes are still in motion. There is still a lot of work to be done and they appreciate how patient you've been already.

Brand New Forums & Gallery - An opportunity to share the love.

I just want to let everyone know, that this site is going to be better than ever, and it's going to be just as special as it was before. It takes a community to do that. Thank you for your loyalty and willingness to adapt, in return I offer you my help in any positive capacity.

Lady G:Namaste:


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Hey there GT! Great to see you back.

Let me find the posts and links for you
Thanks Them! It's good to be back
This post was one of the first I found so really good timing on my part. I'm not as resistant to change as some and am not hesitant to poke around. I've found my posts!! (2nd wind)

Lady G2HM

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Hey @GreenThunder, allow me to blow your mind further.

If you need to ask TheMadDabber for assistance in your journal...

Now all you have to do is write @TheMadDabber - it sends an alert directly to him. The alert drop down menu shows up as you "mentioned" him and provides a link for him to visit you direct.

So if want to show your friends your pics in your journals, you can now stay in touch and not miss any new updates.

Amy Gardner

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Really great first guide Dab

basic - ‘where is my stuff?’ and ’where do I upload pics’. Perfect start.

The official 420 Gallery Tutorial has also been updated. It coveres the ‘how do I upload my pics?’ Find it here:

Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

(and this is a great example of where that suggestion -which is on the request list for the site- of having some kind of indexing feature, or an editable first post in which an index could be made by the OP - linking to each relevant post.)

Amy Gardner

Member of the Month: March 2018 - Photo of the Month: April, Dec 2018, Apr, Sept 2019
Hi all.

Over the next few days I’m collecting tips for Ian & I to include in the official tutorial on ‘finding content’ - so that’s to include finding your own content (posts, threads and media) as well as those of other members’ etc. There are different pathways that can get you to the content so please share here any groovy or funky things you discover in your travels. (These tuts Ian and i are making will reside in the member resources section for new and existing members alike.)


Amy Gardner

Member of the Month: March 2018 - Photo of the Month: April, Dec 2018, Apr, Sept 2019
Here’s a tip particularly for longtime members used to using the app and now having trouble with the transition.

On a mobile device in mobile view the lighting bolt icon (just to the right of centre on the menu bar) will load the list of newest posts - so is the same as what was called ‘timeline’ on the app.

On PC/Desktop computer, find it under the Forums menu it is the ‘New Posts’ link.

Ian Bastage

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Ian Bastage

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