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New York: City Council Passes Medical Marijuana Resolution

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Three months from now, New York's medical marijuana program should be up and running, but continued concerns prompted the Buffalo Common Council to pass a resolution calling on the governor, lawmakers and State Health Department to do more.

Early last month, council members listened for more than an hour as medical marijuana proponents discussed the issue.

This week, the council unanimously passed the resolution, which asks the state to speed up implementation and also to add more dispensaries.

Council members noted that there isn't a single dispensary in Buffalo, the second largest city in New York.

There will only be 20 dispensaries statewide, with two in Western New York. Both of those are in Erie County, with one in Amherst and the other in Williamsville.

"This means that many patients... may have to travel several hours to access the supply," the resolution reads. "This will place a burden on people dealing with severe, debilitating or life-threatening health issues."

2 On Your Side talked with Lisa Valle, whose daughter Maya needs medical marijuana to treat her extremely rare disorder that causes neuropathy and seizures.

"On top of taking care of her on a daily basis, now I have to add an hour and a half, two hours once a month to go pick up her medication," Valle said.

Buffalo Common Council President Darius Pridgen said copies of the resolution are now being sent to the governor, members of the Assembly and Senate and the State Health Department.


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