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New York To Allow Wholesaling Of Medical Marijuana Products

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Albany - People using medical marijuana in New York may soon have more products to choose from and more options on where to buy them.

The state Health Department announced Thursday it was lifting a restriction that limited to five the number of brands each marijuana grower in New York could sell in the state and will also allow each grower to submit requests to offer products at registered dispensaries operated by other companies.

Currently, each of the five licensed growers in New York can only offer their product at the four dispensaries they operate. The new rules would potentially allow them to sell their products at each other's dispensaries.

Health officials also announced they'd followed through on a previously-announced plan to add chronic pain to the list of 10 ailments that merit medical marijuana use by publishing draft regulations that would allow such a use for the drug. The regulations are likely to be implemented early next year.

"These are major steps forward for New York's Medical Marijuana Program and the thousands of patients who are benefiting from it every day," said Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker.

The announcement came on the same day that The Daily News reported that the state's five medical marijuana growers were "sustaining tremendous operating losses" and were urging the Health Department to take further steps to improve patient access before proceeding with its plan to add additional pot producers.

As of Nov. 29, only 10,730 patients had been certified by their doctors to receive medical marijuana and only 750 physicians had registered with the state to become eligible to approve patients for the drug.

Ari Hoffnung, chief executive officer of marijuana grower Vireo Health of New York and leader of the New York Medical Cannabis Industry Association, said Thursday's announcement was a "step in the right direction," but stressed that New York's pot market still needs to grow before it could support other growers.


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